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About David Hill

    Born and raised in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, David Hill has had a relationship with nature that he translates through oil paintings. Being surrounded by water in St Thomas, David found water and waves to be the inspiration for the subject matter that he continues to focus on. David studied painting in many locations including Hawaii, Italy, and Boston. (BAF, Art Institute of Boston). In 2005, David opened his own gallery in St Thomas that he owned and opperated for six years. After a move with his family to upstate New York in 2011, David found new inspiration in a different landscape that offered new subjects and challenges. David currently works out of his studio in Ballston Spa, New York.


    "I look to find intriguing compositions in nature. I often focus on what is important to achieve this and edit out everything else. Patterns, repetition, and space, as it naturally occurs, create the themes and stories of my works. Shapes that are created in a natural event are unique moments of change that I look to represent."


-David Hill

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